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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is the science of regenerating new body tissue from cells. This new tissue has the ability to repair organs and re-enervate nerve fibers to induce or recreate function where none existed before. We have been told for many years that this area of medicine ‘holds the promise’ of creating and maintaining health for patients who have chronic neurodegenerative diseases, diseased organs, or who have been catastrophically injured. With a global concentration of effort in this area of medicine by thousands of committed scientists and researchers, we want to demonstrate that the future is NOW; that the science and the techniques already exist to replace damaged tissue in many cases….That we can already take cells from a diseased body, grow them in healthy conditions outside of the body, and then re-infuse them back into that body to heal damaged tissue, nerves and organs where the body previously could not heal itself.

But these are early days, and the thousands of us who dedicate ourselves to unlocking the potential of cellular medicine are just beginning to find our voice in promoting and demonstrating the research. And more good clinical research has been done than is currently recognized. While the science and techniques aren’t yet recognized as mainstream medicine in North America, important breakthrough discoveries have nonetheless been made, and patients around the world are benefitting. This blog is just one such site that will shine a light on the important and credible research that has already been done, as well as research we know that is ongoing and new discoveries. These are truly exciting times in the field of Regenerative Medicine!


Written by Doug Broeska

Doug Broeska is a PhD Medical Researcher and CEO of Regenetek Inc, a Canadian Biotech Research firm working with several hospitals and clinics world-wide to develop medical procedural protocols for neurodegenerative disease management.