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Topical Commentary

Welcome to the Regenetek Research Blog. My name is Doug Broeska and I am the founder and CEO of Regenetek Research. If you’ve gotten to this point in your reading, you already know a bit of what this blog site is about and chances are you already have an interest in the science of regenerative medicine.

I am a Canadian PhD medical researcher and developer of the ‘Combination Therapy Protocol’ for the treatment of MS and other chronic neurodegenerative diseases. As a scientist, I have worked in the areas of both Informational Systems technologies and neurological research over the past decade. I hold several patents of significance with regards to information systems and am working on others. I am also a researcher and Principle Investigator for several current world-wide medical trials involving the therapeutic use of stem cells.

The company I founded works simultaneously in both of these areas of seemingly dissimilar sciences. Any casual observer will say that these two areas are completely dissimilar in their focus.  But how different are they really? I argue that tools derived through advancements in Information Technology affects every single area of science, and that the study of medicine is more deeply affected by IT than many other industries.

Anyone reading this will agree that information technology advances over the past generation now puts all manner of data instantly in our hands. These are tools we now use every day. For example, to name a few, Google searches through our laptop or cell phone reveal detailed, reliable information on virtually any topic; communities of people with particular interests unite in a Facebook Group; new apps for thousands of things people like to do are instantly downloadable on a smart phone; and for the future? Nanotechnology is about to become the next big thing, like personal computing was a generation ago. But how do these things relate in any way to the field of medical research and regenerative medicine? The answer is: in too many ways to consider in this article.

On this blog site, I intend to connect the dots for the readers, and if you don’t see the connections now, you soon will.

If you become a frequent reader of my blog I think you’ll find that I bring a unique, refreshing point of view to the new area of regenerative medical research and in particular, a regular message that you’re going to hear a lot.

That singular message relates to the burgeoning area of medical research in cellular medicine and the self-interests that pervade the medical industry. I will post as many of the exciting new clinical trials as I can and comment on their significance. But I’m going to be topical, controversial, and probably more than a bit radical. I will call out unethical behavior and bullshit science, opinions and interests where I see them. I may be ONLY ONE voice in the wilderness, but if I think it’s the right thing to do, I’ll do it. Because it’s free thought and standing up for ethical principles that are so lacking in the medical field…YES, you read that correctly; despite the entire industry’s mantra of ‘the practice of medicine and all therapeutic intervention must be evidence-based’, modern medicine has become an ugly, corrupt monster. Undeclared interests and coercive political tactics are everywhere, and so-called ‘evidence’ is tainted in every case with venal motives and corporate agendas.

To quote Christopher Hedges: “We have allowed ourselves to embrace an ideology which, at its core, states that all governance is about maximizing corporate profit at the expense of the citizenry. For what do we have structures of government, for what do we have institutions of state, if not to hold up all the citizenry, and especially the most vulnerable?” And I would argue that the most vulnerable among us are patients with neurodegenerative diseases, wasting away while the promise of the ‘healing power’ of cellular medicine is ALWAYS twenty years away.


Written by Doug Broeska

Doug Broeska is a PhD Medical Researcher and CEO of Regenetek Inc, a Canadian Biotech Research firm working with several hospitals and clinics world-wide to develop medical procedural protocols for neurodegenerative disease management.