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Category Archives: Clinical trials

A Lesson in the Corporate Sponsorship of Medical Research

These days, medical science seems to be advancing at a glacial pace. From the deluge of television commercials proclaiming new and improved medications for almost every disease under the sun, one would think that progress was being made. The reality of this ‘new drug’ phenomenon however, is that in order to protect their market share Continue Reading

How Ebola has Changed the World of Medical Research

With Ebola under control can we now adopt a new research paradigm to search for cures for other diseases? Many diseases, mostly the infectious diseases, have played significant roles in changing the course of human history. The transmission of infectious diseases, both past and present, has been dependent upon our interrelationships with the natural environment, Continue Reading

The Vascular Connection to MS

As part of the subject qualification process for our clinical trial, I include questions to candidates regarding trauma or stressors that preceded the patient’s symptoms of MS. My interest in this is more than mere curiosity. Clinical trials that are intended to evaluate the efficacy of a particular therapeutic protocol in patients with a particular disease need to be properly evaluated with a view to treating or preventing the disease along with determining side effects (if any) and risks associated with the protocol. If a new indication (valid reason to use an intervention) for a disease or medical condition is discovered during any part of the investigational process, it is appropriate to make note, collect data and analyze that particular aspect of the disease within the parameters of the trial. From the outset of our research, I noticed that a preponderance of MS patients (over 90%) independently reported a significant traumatic ‘event’ in their lives prior to their diagnosis of MS that we have called the ‘primary antecedent’; a premorbid risk factor that may have induced the subject’s first MS symptoms leading to their subsequent diagnosis.