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A Lesson in the Corporate Sponsorship of Medical Research

helmet to helmet2

These days, medical science seems to be advancing at a glacial pace. From the deluge of television commercials proclaiming new and improved medications for almost every disease under the sun, one would think that progress was being made. The reality of this ‘new drug’ phenomenon however, is that in order to protect their market share Continue Reading

Introductory Word

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented therapies occur in clinics world-wide each year under the label of ‘medical tourism’. Even if physicians in these clinics wanted to follow their patients, there has been no method of doing so. Until now. Regenetek Research recognizes that there is a high need for a method and a study design Continue Reading

How Ebola has Changed the World of Medical Research


With Ebola under control can we now adopt a new research paradigm to search for cures for other diseases? Many diseases, mostly the infectious diseases, have played significant roles in changing the course of human history. The transmission of infectious diseases, both past and present, has been dependent upon our interrelationships with the natural environment, Continue Reading

Regenetek Post Script

Research is the world’s biggest industry. The source of all we believe starts with research. Conducting solid and rigorous clinical research is a formidable task. Once we feel that we have achieved our endpoints, there remains the considerable risk of exposing one’s work to the harsh light of criticism by publishing the results in a Continue Reading


Muscle spasticity becomes muscle flaccidity in virtually all patients receiving the Stem cell Combination Therapy Protocol (CTP). The following is a description of what is happening within the body and why individual patient response to therapy is highly variable. Muscle spasticity is defined as an increase in muscle tone (resistance or tension) secondary to a central nervous system (CNS, brain and spinal cord) disorder or trauma. It refers to involuntary muscle stiffness or spasms. In the normal human body, in any coordinated movement, muscles on one side of the joint relax while those on the other side contract. Spasticity occurs when this coordination is impaired and muscles on both sides of the joint contract at the same time as a result of an imbalance of signals. This results in very awkward movements. MS-related spasticity can occur with active movement, or can be present at rest. Although not completely understood, spasticity is thought to be caused by increased sensitivity in the parts of the muscles responsible for tightening, relaxing and stretching. This is currently understood to occur as a result of the demyelination of the nerves connected to these muscles leading to a loss of inhibitory function of the affected nerves leading to an imbalance of excitatory impulses resulting in muscle contraction.