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    Regenetek’s Combination Stem Cell and Vascular Therapy

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Introductory word

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented therapies occur in clinics world-wide each year under the label of ‘medical tourism’. Even if physicians in these clinics wanted to follow their patients, there has been no method of doing so. Until now. Regenetek Research recognizes that there is a high need for a method and a study design that provides proof of both safety and efficacy for new treatment interventions such as autologous stem cell therapies or unsanctioned vascular surgeries. These types of medical interventions present viable choices for patients beyond conventional drug therapies that only treat symptoms. My goal in writing these articles is to point out the gaps in the research while we look for the truth, not reinforce the biases in the science.

Proof that STAP Cells Can Kill

Stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency or STAP was supposed to be the new medical breakthrough based on the science of stimulating any old human cells to become pluripotent stem cells by treating them with certain growth factors, acidic baths, or other manipulation. This technological leap forward would mean that ordinary blood cells for instance, could be treated to become neurons in the brain, etc, and such a discovery could lead to cures for Alzheimer’s and MS among many other diseases. STAP would have been a much easier way to produce stem cells than current methods as neither nuclear transfer nor transcription factors would have been necessary in their growth. But the ‘science of STAP’ is turning out to be the present day equivalency of alchemy, the notion that lead can be turned into gold.